love and Friendship

Both are so much related to each other. And both are so dissimilar! What are the differences between friendship and love? Is platonic friendship possible between persons of opposite sex? Let us try and understand.Triple accredited MBA

    What is friendship? Why do we call a person our friend? When do we call someone a very good friend? If we care for a person, if we are always ready to help that person and if we share most of our thoughts with a person, they are our good friends. We can always count upon our good friends in an emergency. We are always sure that our friend will understand why we acted in a certain way. We need not explain anything to our very good friends. The friendship is so deep and the relationship is so intimate, that most of the things are automatically understood by our friends
    What about love? In a relationship of deep love, all the sharing that we discussed above are taken for granted. But love transcends all this. During love, we are attached with a particular person, while in friendship, one may have many friends. A loving relationship makes one so much attached to the other, that one gets pained if his/her beloved is hurt! Love also involves a physical element. Friendship does not have that. This is a vital difference. Nature gives us love so that the specie can go forward. Nature does not give us friendship.

    Your heart beats will never increase in anticipation of meeting your friend. You will not lie awake at night thinking about your friend. You will not feel totally lost, if you don't meet your friend for a few days. You will not have dreams in your eyes thinking about your friend. But in love, you will do all this and much more. Indeed, there is no comparison between love and friendship.external sound card

coding of affect across stimuli

Although feelings are personal and subjective, the human brain turns them into a standard code that objectively represents emotions across different senses, situations and even people, reports a new study by Cornell alexander hera University neuroscientist Adam Anderson. "We discovered that fine-grained patterns of neural activity within the orbitofrontal cortex, an area of the brain associated with emotional processing, act as a neural code which captures an individual's subjective feeling," says Anderson, associate professor of human development in Cornell's College of Human Ecology and senior author of the study. "Population coding of affect across stimuli, alexander hera pre wedding modalities and individuals," published online in Nature Neuroscience.
Their findings provide insight into how the brain represents our innermost feelings – what Anderson calls the last frontier of neuroscience – and upend the long-held view that emotion is represented in the brain simply by activation in specialized regions for positive or negative feelings, he says.
"If you and I derive similar pleasure from alexander hera價錢 sipping a fine wine or watching the sun set, our results suggest it is because we share similar fine-grained patterns of activity in the orbitofrontal cortex," Anderson says.

Greece is accelerating privatization

Chinese and Greek economies are mutually complementary with their own strengths, and there is huge potential for cooperation.
Greece is accelerating privatization and infrastructure construction. China will encourage its well-established enterprises to play an active part in this process. The Piraeus Port where the Chinese company is involved in its operation is performing well, contributing to local economic development and employment. We will work with Greece to make the Port the best of its kind in the Mediterranean.
China wants more cooperation with Greece in airport, rail, road and other infrastructure development.

向日葵美容中心投訴 During the visit, I will attend the China-Greece Marine Cooperation Forum held in Athens. I hope we can use this opportunity to expand our cooperation in the established areas of maritime transport, logistics and ship building and boost cooperation in new areas of marine science and environmental protection.

Such cooperation will inject strong impetus into economic and social development of the two countries.
China and Greece, both renowned for profound cultural heritage, enjoy broad prospects of people-to-people exchanges. Greece is the birthplace of ancient and modern Olympic Games. Just like the Olympic flame for the 2008 Beijing Games, not long ago, the flame for the Youth Olympics in Nanjing was also lit in Greece.

Cooperation for the Olympics has greatly deepened the Chinese people's understanding of the Greek civilization. Greece boasts rich tourism resources. And many Chinese people long to visit the Acropolis of Athens, the temple of Apollo and other cultural heritage sites. Last year, nearly 100 million Chinese people traveled overseas. Tourism will become an important growth area for China-Greece cooperation. During the upcoming visit, the two sides will sign an agreement on mutual establishment of cultural centers to facilitate cultural and people-to-people exchanges.

three ran into the shop

Several times, I also see they hurtle three calling my name, I was silent, tightly closed lips, blushed. See three embarrassed look, I was very sad, I feel sorry for him 生意周轉 .
From then on, I don't want to three knit gloves thing; a cloth ball, I dare not go; on the morning reading, we who also no longer silently talk; we who also not who, like mad! But in the winter, and then saw a swollen black purple like Steamed buns as thick back of the hand, I felt that I owed three many......
On three of the pickled vegetable shop. I don't know what his house to open the shop, just remember that every time to buy chili sauce pickles shop, I want to see in three stores. The paint with black paint rough on the counter, round glass bottles filled with rolling orange petal of white sand sugar sugar, is wrapped in cellophane, on a bamboo stick candy...... In fact, can also buy chili sauce in the other shop, but I always want to run away, to the shop to buy pickles. Don't know why, just think, three from the store in came out. In fact, even three really from the store in come out, I won't go and talk to him, but I hope he went out...... 醫療用品
Once, I went to buy chili sauce, three really from the store in come out, and saw me. Know I saw me, I suddenly feel frightened again. At this time, sees three along the bluestone paved street, walking towards me.
"They live in this street, don't let them see you, or else, to call your father's name......" He said, "thump" to go back. I know, he said "they", refer to "King".
Watching the three ran into the shop, I want to cry. I suddenly feel, I'll never forget me, I will grow up, will be the best man in the world!
Later, after the high school exam, I don't know three where. Is passed, or did not pass the exams? Passed in which class? I don't know how to ask. As an adult, often for this thing to regret, as a child, I didn't cherish the friendship 耳穴戒煙?
High school after reading the first half of the year, I will go far away, to the downstream river to my brother, in order to learn, but also to survive, because the father and mother have been rushed to the deep mountains to the. Since then, I have never seen me, but a pair of bright eyes, full of good intentions, but often appear in my eyes and dream.
Life doesn't know how to live such a hurry, so imperceptibly, still do not seem to understand what is going on through many years. 20 years later, I returned home to visit his mother, first want to find is a.
Exceeding one's expectations, I was very successful in finding that "the king". "King" is received me warmly, "Wang" is a very pretty young wife. In this age, this time to see "King", I am a good "have mixed feelings". Speaking of childhood memories, I could not help tears trickling down one's cheeks, "King" also fell dejected.
"Not to mention the past, we were small, not sensible...... Your father died very cry." "Wang" said very sincere, very sad. Yes, decades of groundless talk, we've all grown up. Childhood well or, resentment or, now think of it, is all lovely things, lets a person miss, let people miss......

brief revival in the 80s and 90s

The shoe’s brief revival in the ’80s and ‘90s, fuelled by grunge culture, with Kurt Cobain as its poster boy, marked a cultural shift in the brand’s destiny. With affordability and great design on its side, Converse sneakers, now available in a variety of materials and hues, and even in knee-high versions, had been bubbling up through the baby boomer generation as a casual footwear staple ever since James Dean was pictured in his Jack Purcell Converse kicks in the 1950s. These kids were uninterested in the shoe’s basketball roots. Among the Converse-sporting rockers, Tommy Ramone, drummer of The Ramones, when asked who Chuck Taylor was replied: “He was maybe a basketball coach or something. I don't know. He made cheap shoes 急救產品.”
Ramones,1978 (AF archive/Alamy) 痛經
Canvassing opinion
As big a part as non-slip rubber played in the Chuck Taylors’ early history, canvas, its other main ingredient, was to lead Converse into the future. After several management changes, the beleaguered brand crashed and burned in the early ’00s, filing for bankruptcy in 2001. But its rescuer, Nike Inc, has steered Converse away from its performance message towards creative expression, working with a range of big-impact collaborators, including fashion brands like Givenchy, Missoni, and Maison Martin Margiela. (A new capsule collection released in May saw the brand’s iconic Jack Purcell and Chuck Taylor All Star styles daubed in the latter fashion house’s signature white paint). Recent artistic dalliances, meanwhile, include a limited edition capsule of Chuck Taylor All Stars honed from two of Nate Lowman’s slashed up canvases, with each pair selling for $25,000. The formula seems to have worked, with Converse raking in a reported $1.4bn in sales in 2012, versus a reported $205m in 2002


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