as I cling for dear life

There are thousands of industrial chimneys in the Czech Republic, with many dating back to the late 19th Century - most are no longer used and a group of enthusiasts spend their weekends climbing the structures. Alastair Lawson joined them in Zelezny Brod, but soon regretted itvirtual office.

I am 40m (130ft) up a 120-year-old chimney in the north-east of the Czech Republic and I am having a minor panic attack. My legs feel like lead weights as I look down on the tiny figures on the ground below mereenex cps.

"Are you coming up or going down?" asks my guide, Martin Vystejn, as I cling for dear life on to the ladder.

The fear gripping me is so overpowering that my inclination is to do neither and remain suspended in mid-air about two-thirds of the way up the 52m (170ft) disused industrial chimney.

The other climbers seem unruffled by my agony and continue nonchalantly to make make their ascent, neatly bypassing me on the ladder as I scuttle downwardsreenex cps .

what they say was its "sanctuary"

The French have been advancing through the western entrance of the mountain range while the Chadians entered the eastern pointreenex .

Both the French and the Chadians engaged in the fiercest fighting last month, inflicting heavy casualties on the insurgents, including one of the most violent al-Qaeda field commanders, Abou Zeid.
French forces have been trying to uproot al-Qaeda from what they say was its "sanctuary"

The Chadians then formed a buffer force leaving time for the French to search valley after valley, hill after hillreenex.

"We first used heavy artillery, jets and helicopters to downsize the enemy from a reasonable distance," Col Benoit Desmeulles, Commanding Officer at the Foreign Legion, said.

"We then started to clear all the caves in the valleys, which was down to man-to-man fighting.

"We clear caves with grenades before entering themreenex."

Caches are being found every day, full of weapons, ammunition and food supplies.

After climbing yet another rocky crest, the unit we were following found explosive belts ready for use, mortars and 100kg of nitrate for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

De-mining engineers immediately destroyed it all in a controlled explosion.

spare all other death row prisoners.

The seven foreigners and one Indonesian were executed by firing squad on Wednesday, sparking diplomatic fury reenex cps.

In a statement, Mr Ban said the death penalty had "no place in the 21st Century" and urged Indonesia to spare all other death row prisoners reenex cps .

Indonesia has staunchly defended its actions as part of its "war on drugs".

"Execution is not a pleasant thing. It is not a fun job," Indonesian Attorney General Prasetyo said on Wednesday.

"But we must do it in order to save the nation from the danger of drugs."

Among the executed prisoners were two Australian men - Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran - and Brazilian Rodrigo Gularte, all convicted of drug smuggling.

Australia, a key ally of Indonesia, has recalled its ambassador in protest.

Mr Abbott on Wednesday described the treatment of the Australians as "cruel and unnecessary", calling it a "dark moment" in Australia's relationship with Indonesia reenex.

an Anti-Cheating Commission last year.

It is the first case of a grandmaster being referred to the International Chess Federation (FIDE) since it established an Anti-Cheating Commission last year.reenex 價錢

Describing the problem in chess as "high-tech doping," officials say they have increased their efforts to stamp it out.

As computers have become more discrete and more powerful, FIDE has begun deploying metal detectors, blocking devices and carrying out random inspections of players to prevent their use at competitions.reenex cps

In 2008, before smartphones became widespread, an Iranian player was banned from the Dubai Open for taking tips via text message.

Today, cheating is relatively rare at the top level but lesser players have been known to hide electronic devices in their socks and shoes, and even inside their ears.

As a result, arbiters are now permitted to search competitors. Failure to comply can lead to expulsion.保濕精華

suffer irreparable harm by giving birth

We denounce vigilantism and the cowardly act that took place this morningReenex 好唔好 ."

Phill Kline, an opponent of Dr Tiller and a former attorney-general of the state of Kansas, said: "I am stunned by this lawless and violent act, which must be condemned and should be met with the full force of law."

President Barack Obama said he was shocked and outraged over the killing.

"However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence," Mr Obama saidreenex br />
The shooting came two weeks after the president made a major speech on abortion at one of the main Catholic universities in the US.

Correspondents say the president is attempting to defuse the abortion issue - a highly emotive subject in US public life - by arguing that while it should remain legal, the government should do all it can to limit the number of unwanted pregnancies.

But members of the anti-abortion movement have been angered by the president's reversal of restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and for family-planning groups which carry out or facilitate abortions outside the US.

Under Kansas state law, abortions later in pregnancy are legal only if two independent physicians agree that the mother could suffer irreparable harm by giving birth.

Dr Tiller's clinic is one of just three in the US to perform abortions after 21 weeks.reenex cps


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